Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Pictures...

These be my pictures. Please don't steal them. Pretty prease.

12 am, January 1, 2013
Matt getting shot in the neck with a laser beam

Cru New Staff Training January 2013
With Vonette Bright
Sunset over Daytona
Studying. Really hard. I swear. 
My view for almost all of January

Valentine's Day Masquerade
HPPC Polar Bear Retreat 2013
My 8th grade ninjas 
Hanging with HPPC 7th grade girls 

Shannon's Visit to Texas
Deep Ellum
My new friend

First Crawfish Broil 

Night on the town with my sister

Easter 2013 with my parentals

Vision Trip to Hawaii 

Makawili Falls

Trip to LA- SC besties


Redoing my childhood room. It was a big deal.
 The Dallas Gang

Memorial Day in Austin 


HPPC Youth Colorado Trip 2013

Turning 25
Childhood friends at Dave & Busters

Epic Staff Conference 2013

CSU 13, or Cru US Staff Conference 2013
With 5,000 other Cru big deal
Tenth Avenue North Concert
NeedToBreathe Concert
Hiking the Rockies 

Moving to Hawaii...
Sunset over Hawaii Kai
My new baby 
First Hawaii Cru Weekly meeting of Fall 2013

 Kaori visiting Hawaii - Makapuu Beach

Hawaii Cru Fall Getaway 2013
 Lini's Baptism at Fall Getaway

Charleen after accepting Christ

Cru weekly meeting: CRUcial 

Henry's Wedding/ Tokyo STINT 2010 Reunion

Chicago - where it all began 3 years ago with these crazies

Halloween 2013 - Asian tourists

Upperclassmen Women's Small Group 

Crossroads Conference 2013

Double rainbow - I live here. It's kind of awesome.

Beach camping at Waimanalo Bay/Sherwoods

Hiking Mariner's Ridge

Thanksgiving 2013 with friends/students


Green Walls in Kailua

My staff team Christmas picture
Honolulu City Lights

Home for Christmas with my fam

Thank you God for so many amazing memories in 2013, and the incredible people you've put in my life. Stoked to see what 2014 has in store!