Wednesday, September 29, 2010


let me first start out by saying


let me next start out by saying i have had about 4 hours of sleep in the past 62 hours and am a little loopy by this point, but i wanted to go ahead and write this because i can still hardly believe it. i keep taking it out and staring at it to make sure it's real.

part of the reason i've gotten so little sleep is because i did not go to bed last night. this was because my mother and i set out for Houston at 5 am this morning, and i had enough to do that it took precedent over a couple hours of sleep. arrived at the Consulate-General of Japan right as it opened at 9:30. and this is what i discovered. big pathetic puppy eyes help you get your visa expedited. and prayer. prayer helps too. i told them my flight was at 6:30 am on friday so i really needed my visa by tomorrow. at first they said the fastest thing to do would be to pick it up tomorrow (which would have meant we either would have had to spend the night in Houston or drive back to Dallas, then back to Houston the next day, which would have been not fun). at that point i was just happy to hear they could even process it by the next day. then the lady paused, took a moment, then said "let me see if we can get it to you by this afternoon- wait a moment." and they said they could. and there was much rejoicing. they said to come back at 3:30 pm- on their website it says it takes a MINIMUM of 4 days, and they processed mine in 6 hours. michelle and henry were also able to get their visas today. so amazing. i love it when God allows me to experience a miracle.

my mom and i killed time by having a fabulous breakfast at the Four Seasons hotel which was right next to the Embassy, wandering around the shops, taking naps on the couches of the Four Seasons lobby (i felt like a high class vagabond...) and hanging out at Starbucks. then retrieved my visa and headed home to Dallas!

God provides, even when i'm not sure if my faith is strong enough to believe it. but He provides for me anyway, because He loves me that much. i called the whole experience a miracle, but in actuality, it's only a miracle in my mind because i thought it couldn't be done, because i did not believe enough. but "with God, all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26), and "all things are possible for those who believe" (Mark 9:23).

may we live every moment of our lives believing this is so.

one more day in Dallas, then i fly to San Francisco at 6:30 am Friday (which means i get to leave for the airport at 4 am....woo!) , then on to Tokyo!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Waiting...


i was waiting for my Certificate of Eligibility to be sent from Japan. well, unfortunately, it's about 12:15 am on Tuesday morning, and i'm still waiting. about 12 hours after we got the exciting email that the JCCC had our CoEs, got another message from Cam saying he didn't have my address- considering we had sent them to our coordinator in the US twice, i had assumed she'd sent them on to Cam. apparently that never happened, so he didn't have my address to send it Saturday. he tried to send them Sunday, but i don't think any mail in the world sends things on Sundays, so he had to wait til Monday to send our CoEs- thus, the earliest they will arrive is tomorrow/Tuesday.

last night while talking to a friend and explaining the situation (this is when we were still expecting our CoEs to come today/Monday) and trying to plan out the possibilities of getting to Houston and back with my visa by Thursday, i realized, for the first time in my life, that i had absolutely no plans. my brain could physically think of no solid ways of making it all come together. it was one of those moments that makes you stop everything you're doing and your eyes get big and you realize that this is exactly what God wants you to feel and you say "wow....well played, God." so i gave up. i stopped trying to make plans and said "ok God, there's nothing more i can do- You've got to make it happen." then this morning i called a friend i knew who lives in Houston and basically made all these plans in case my CoE came today and i went to Houston Tuesday. as soon as i got off the phone, i checked my email- and there was an email waiting for me from Cam our Japan director saying the CoEs wouldn't get to us until Tuesday. i just looked up to God (why do we always look up? God's everywhere...) and said "OK OK I GET IT I'M SORRY!" i'm really trying not to make plans- it's just hard when that's what my brain naturally does every moment of every day. but at least God's preparing me now for what lies ahead in Japan. of course, this makes me a bit nervous as to WHAT exactly is lying ahead of me in Japan...

anyway, the "plan" for now is still the same, just with more urgency- hopefully i'll get my CoE tomorrow, i can drive to Houston early Wednesday morning, pray like crazy that the Consulate gives me my visa by the end of the day, and be on a plane Thursday for Japan. i don't know what will happen- i don't know when my flight is, i don't even know if i have a flight scheduled yet, but i'm trying not to focus on any of that- just reminding myself that its God's timing, that God's ways and thoughts are higher than mine, and i need to continue to trust him.

Friday, September 24, 2010


i was in a kind of annoyed/grumpy mood about our still MIA Certificates of Eligibility. i was killing time on Facebook when i saw Cam, the International Campus Staff Director in Tokyo and our main contact, online. i thought about not saying anything but i was annoyed and grumpy so i said "any news yet?" of course, my brain was saying "RAWWRRR CAM WHERE ARE OUR CERTIFICATES???!" thankfully in online conversations one can sound more civil than one wants to be. he said not yet, and i asked if there was any way to check on them. he said he would call the JCCC office and see if maybe they'd come in but nobody had checked. apparently this was a good thing, because they had, in fact, arrived that day in the mail. this morning we had an email from Cam saying our Certificates of Eligibility were in his hand- here's an exerpt from his email:

"I was on Facebook and Kimi caught me and asked if there was any word on the CoEs. "Sorry, not yet. Keep praying, though. I'll call the office a little later to see if they came in the afternoon drop off." At the time when I was IMing with Kimi, they weren't in. But I called again at 5pm (office closing time), and Akita-san checked the mail that had come in, and there they were! All 3 had come in in the late afternoon, but Tanase-san left the office early, so it wouldn't have been discovered till Monday."

guess it was a good thing i decided to bug Cam about it. apparently God uses even our annoyed/grumpy times for His glory.


i should receive my Certificate of Eligibility in the mail by monday- i will then go to Houston to the Consulate and beg them to give me my visa ASAP. if all goes well, i could be on a plane for Tokyo on Thursday.

thank you so much for all your prayers- please continue to pray everything falls into place quickly and that i'm able to be on my way this Thursday September 30th!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


so our original goal departure date was September 23.

which is tomorrow.

it's pretty safe to say that i don't think we're leaving tomorrow, as we still do not have our visas. or our Certificates of Eligibility, which we need to have in order to even GET our visas.

new goal: monday. or tuesday. or sometime next week. maybe?

basically, we (michelle, henry and i) are currently waiting for our Certificates of Eligibility to come from the Japanese Immigration office in Tokyo- those will be sent to the JCCC (Japanese Campus Crusade). they will then send them to us. we will then scurry over to our respective Japanese Consulates (mine is in Houston- why isn't there one in Dallas? i mean, seriously...) and beg with our biggest puppy eyes that they give us our visas asap.

DARK SIDE: i talked to the Honorary Consul-General of Japan in North Texas on the phone, who said they normally like 4-5 business days to process visas.

LIGHT (?) SIDE: i talked to the Honorary Consul-General of Japan. he called ME actually. and said that when i got my CoE, to give him a call and HE'D call the Consulate and see what he could do about expediting the process. which is kind of awesome. because, well, he's kind of legit. and doesn't even know me. he's actually a referral OF a referral. and yet he's willing to help me out. God's so awesome.

another plus- this whole situation is totally out of my control. it's completely in God's hands. so i really shouldn't worry about anything. His timing is perfect- we'll get our CoE's when we get them, and our visas when we get them, and we'll be on the plane to Tokyo when HE wants us to be, and not a moment sooner. the nice thing is that i have a few more days to pack, organize and gather everything together for Japan. and a few extra days to see friends one last time. i can't help being antsy to get over there though- 4 of my teammates are there, and i want to join them. i'm also anxious to just get on campus and start sharing the Gospel. i've spent the past 4 months raising support and waiting- the support is raised (praise God), yet i'm still waiting. i'm not really a fan of waiting. God knows that. which is probably why i'm still waiting. God's tricky like that. a couple days ago i said, "what's going on God why am i not in Japan" and He said, "hey remember how I've spent these past 4 months teaching you to rely on ME and trust ME? well, now's your chance! trust Me!" and i said, "...touché God." God always wins conversations like that.

"Wait for the Lord. Be strong and let your heart take heart, and wait for the Lord." ~Psalm 27:14

and so i'm waiting. patiently. kind of. i'm trying. but i know God's got it. His timing is perfect. mine isn't. i mean, i can't see 5 seconds ahead of me. who am i to question the timing of the Creator of Time Itself?

- that we get our visas ASAP
- that AJ and Michelle receive their remaining support ASAP
- for my brothers and sisters sharing the gospel in Argentina, Prague, Croatia and East Asia

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


ATTENTION, WORLD: i, kimiyo courtney brown, am now hereby DONE with raising support! (assuming my addition is correct....which is assuming a lot).

but, according to my calculations, as of today, God has blessed with $48,000, enough to spend a year in Tokyo as a missionary. thank you so so so much to everyone who has blessed me and my ministry with all your prayers and support!

(we are spelling out Tokyo- can you tell?)

- 4 of my team members (lyndsey, ariel, aj and mike) left for Tokyo yesterday so they can renew their visas. aj is still raising support but they made an acception and let him go anyway.
- henry, michelle and i are still waiting on our visas- no real update there yet, but our goal is still to leave for Tokyo by September 23rd
- even though i have technically met my goal, i am going to continue raising support to help my other teammates and possibly other friends raising support

- for aj, henry and michelle's support
- for our VISAS!!! that they would get here ASAP!
- for the other teams who have already left for other countries, especially Argentina and East Asia, and especially for Ben, Joel and Patrick who still have to finish raising support before they can join their teams in Argentina and East Asia
- for Japan, that the Lord would open people's hearts and they would be receptive to the Gospel!

if anyone is reading this and is not yet on my email list and would like to be, please email me at and i will put you on there!

if anyone is reading this and is not yet a financial ministry partner and would like to be, please either email me or you can go directly to

God bless you all!